Schwechater Bier – Blade, Wiener Lager

Schwechater Bier – Blade, Wiener Lager

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Historic Austrian blonde lager beer,fragrant and bitter, with a great hoppy aroma that is preserved by the Blade keg.

Color Blonde
Nationality Austria
Taste Balanced
Fermentation Low
Style Lager
Alcohol 5.00% alc.

Classic lager beer very popular in Austria, made by recovering the original recipe of 1841, when Anton Dreher presents his low fermentation blonde beer that conquers the market. In 2016 Schwechater celebrates 175 years of anniversary and presents the Wiener Lager in tribute to the legendary founder. Golden yellow appearance, with a malty aroma that stimulates the nose, tickling the senses with hops. The taste is fresh, harmoniously sour thanks to the bitterness of the hops that slowly disappears during the course of drinking. The packaging in the PET Blade barrel, allows the beer to preserve all the aromas and hoppy notes of the product just out of the brewery